[Basic Principle]
Naigai Bussan firmly believes that inheriting efforts to preserve our prosperous global environment is the most important issue for all of humankind. And, we pledge to contribute to society by actively promoting the prevention of environmental contamination via corporate activities.
[Environmental Policy]
In order to conduct activities in unison with the environment and to fulfill our social responsibility, we at Naigai Bussan pledge:
As a handler of electronic components and electronic materials, to appropriately assess environmental impact and reduce the burden on the environment;
Specific actions
  • We promote the preservation of natural resources and conservation of energy in all facets of our business.
  • We strive toward better efficiency for the operation of cars and prevention of atmospheric pollution and noise.
  • We actively propose the introduction of environment-friendly products into the market.
Qj To comply with all laws, regulations, ordinances and other demands/requests agreed upon by Naigai Bussan in relation to the environment;
Rj To establish environmental goals and objectives, implement an environmental management system in order to work toward continuous improvement;
Sj To evaluate our policy via regular management review.
Tj To document our environmental policy, gain a thorough understanding among all employees and all those who work for Naigai Bussan, and disclose externally upon request.
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Naohisa Odani
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